New gene therapy can help overcome arthritis


Arthritis treatments available today can only alleviate the symptoms. Therefore, the scientists propose to introduce drugs to patients long before symptoms of osteoarthritis begin to appear, according to The Times of India.

Fundamentally solve the problem can only joint replacement. Recently, genetics are advised to pay attention to proteoglycan 4, a protein that performs the role of the joint lubricant to the bones. Furthermore, the protein prevents cartilage thinning process.

Introduction into the knee joint of a gene associated with the production of the protein protects against the development of arthritis as age and traumatic nature, according to the study.

Arthritis typically affects the joints of hands, knee joints and hips and spine. When the disease cartilage gradually begin to break down, and there is friction of bones, causing severe pain. In the case of rheumatoid arthritis, the disease caused by the action of the immune system. Instead of protecting the body, she begins to attack the joints.

Meanwhile, a new method for the treatment of arthritis, there is one "but": the injection to restore the already thinned cartilage, can not. So, the key point here is to establish a timely onset of the disease.

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