Viagra - an effective tool for weight loss


A series of experiments with a drug designed to improve erectile function, allowed the researchers from the University of Bonn to find out that Viagra is characterized by a very useful side effect. It turned out that a part of the Viagra Sildenafil promotes weight loss.

German scientists in studies found that sildenafil prevents the breakdown of a specialized protein of brown fat actively burn energy that penetrates the food from the human body. The protein production prevents body white fat, which becomes a major cause of excess body weight in humans.

Scientists have supported their findings in several experiments on laboratory mice prone to obesity. Rodents fed a very high-calorie daily diet, adding a touch of Viagra. The dose corresponded to the one that is usually prescribed to men who suffer from erectile dysfunction.

A week later, the German researchers noticed that mice, despite the high-calorie foods, and a tendency to obesity, and not only did not gain excess weight, but even lost weight. Study of experimental rodent help scientists to determine the presence of sildenafil in animals has led to the replacement of fat in white mice brown.

Meanwhile, experts advise people to hold off on using Viagra as a means for weight loss, as the relationship of the drug and weight loss has not yet been proved. But soon the German researchers hope to prove in the course of his theory of new experiments.

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