Chinese bitter gourd juice is battling cancer of the pancreas


Chinese bitter gourd juice has a devastating effect on pancreatic cancer cells, according to the latest study conducted by a team of scientists from the United States.

A group of American researchers from the University of Colorado (University of Colorado), specializing in cancer, a number of tests it was found that Chinese bitter gourd juice prevents the absorption of glucose by cells of pancreatic cancer by depriving them of a source of energy in this way and, eventually killing them. For more information about the results of the study were published in the scientific journal Carcinogenesis.

"We have shown that the juice of bitter gourd is very effective to limit glucose metabolism, as it forces cancer cells to die of hunger. Therefore gourd juice is a guarantee of improved performance of any anti-cancer therapy, "- says the author of the work of the Center for Prevention and Control of Cancer, Rajesh Agarwal (Rajesh Agarwal).

It is estimated that diabetes - the main precursor to cancer of the pancreas, for the prevention of which has for centuries in traditional medicine in China and India are using Chinese bitter gourd.

Formulations based on this produced juice actually can be used as an agent for treatment and prevention of pancreatic cancer. The new method has been tested by experts on animals. Perhaps the Chinese bitter gourd is also no coincidence regulates the production of insulin producing beta cells of the pancreas. The results of the analysis of the cell culture helped a group of researchers found that mice that ate Chinese bitter gourd juice, the likelihood of developing this type of cancer was 60% less in comparison with the rest of their relatives, who did not take the juice of the plant.

"This is - a very startling discovery" - said Agarwal. "Today, medicine has created a myriad of technical equipment and drugs, focusing mainly on the prevention of and the fight against pancreatic cancer, we managed to open a facility that can beat him quite naturally."

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