Soda annual "kills" of about 180 thousand people


And carbonated fruit drinks, and sports cocktails with sugar may be linked to 180,000 deaths registered annually around the world, said U.S. researchers who have presented their work at a meeting of the American Heart Association (American Heart Association).

Scientists are alarming, urging people to avoid excessive consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages, which leads to the development of diseases such as obesity, diabetes, undermining the health of the cardiovascular system and causes some types of cancer.

After analyzing the data of the global study in 2010 on health scientists has linked regular consumption of drinks with high sugar content and 133,000 cases of diabetes deaths, 44,000 deaths due to cardiovascular disease, as well as 6,000 cancer deaths. According to the researchers, 78% of these deaths have been reported in countries with low and middle incomes. Experts took into account the work exclusively for deaths among adults.

"The results of our study showed that in the United States in 2010, approximately 25,000 deaths were associated with immoderate consumption of sugar-sweetened drinks," - said Dr. Singh Dzhitendzhali (Gitanjali Singh) from the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston.

Subject to the diet, designed for human consumption of two thousand calories a day, experts recommend that ensure that the amount of calories contained in carbonated and other sugary drinks per week does not exceed the figure of 450.

Most deaths from diabetes (38 000) associated with the use of carbonated drinks, it was noted in 2010 in Latin America and the Caribbean. In Central and Eastern Europe recorded more cardiovascular disease deaths (11,000 people). The highest level of consumption of drinks with sugar content of 15 of the most populated countries, there is in Mexico, where 318 million people recorded "sweet" deaths. It is best situation in Japan, where the sweet drinks are so popular - so only account for 10 million deaths associated with the consumption of soda.

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