Hair removal can cause viral infections


French researchers say that the results obtained by shaving and hair removal bikini microtrauma, create a favorable environment for the breeding of molluscum contagiosum, thus contributing to the spread of viral infection.

Molluscum (Molluscum contagium) - is a viral skin disease that manifests itself in the form of small nodules in the lower abdomen, the hips, buttocks, and external genital organs. Education in the form of a small hemisphere slightly raised above the surface of the skin. The spread of infection occurs when skin contact people. It may also be domestic infestation, for example, when using common household items, and during intercourse. This skin disease in the majority of cases seen in people with weakened immune systems are very mean long-term use of drugs, or because of illness.

The researchers found an association of this skin disease with epilation for example, several clients seek the services of a cosmetologist in a clinic in Nice. During the year, molluscum contagiosum 30 people were infected after visiting beautician: the four clients pearly nodules formed on the stomach, and in one patient, experts have found a rash on your thighs. 93% of them have undergone hair removal. In addition, patients experienced a number of other unpleasant consequences: warts and scars, folliculitis and ingrown hair. Of all the customers who have applied to the clinic, 10% prefer waxing, 13% - an intimate haircut, and 70% - prefer the removal of unwanted hair by shaving.

A study conducted by experts of the University of California in San Francisco last year, found that the so called Brazilian bikini hair removal, as well as the fashion for intimate haircuts have increased 5 times the number of women admitted to hospital with various injuries genitals.

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