The love of tea has led to the loss of teeth and the development of a rare disease


A resident of America who loved tea so much that every day brewed 100 bags, lost teeth and gained a rare bone disease.

At 47-year-old native of Michigan developed skeletal fluorosis - a disease of the bones caused by excessive consumption of fluoride - after it for 17 years, every day, drink a teapot of tea brewing in it 100 bags.

She sought the help of experts of Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit with complaints of rigidity (stiffness), and severe pain in the back, arms, legs and hips.

Patient’s teeth were so brittle that they had to be removed.

X-rays showed that the bone density in some areas of her spine was unusually low, and in the hands of calcification of ligaments and tendons.

Experts checked the level of fluoride in the body of a woman. It turned out that it was more than four times the norm.

Skeletal fluorosis is a very rare disease in the U.S. and the UK, however, it is common in countries where the course is marked excessive levels of fluoride in the water. It is specifically about India and China.

The mineral is added to the drinking water in the United States and Britain, since, in small doses, it strengthens tooth enamel and prevents tooth decay.

Fluoride has been found in tea, and in the water, which made use of a resident of Detroit in unlimited quantities.

The recommended level of fluoride in water should be 4 mg per liter, but the patient’s daily 20 mg of the mineral.

Dr. Rao Syudheyker (Sudhaker Rao) from Henry Ford Hospital said that at first she turned to him for advice, knowing at a cancer that is depicted on X-rays as well.

Meanwhile, Dr. Rao immediately recognized the disease, since he had to deal with him in his native India.

He explained that excess fluoride is removed by the kidneys, but its excessive consumption can lead to the deposition of minerals in the bones.

The doctor added that such cases he had observed in the United States also have tea drinkers, but most patients do not drink more than one liter of beverage per day.

A resident of Detroit was ordered to reduce to a minimum the use of tea, which helped to improve its condition and its symptoms.

It is hoped that over time, the deposits of fluoride in the body are open, and there will come a full recovery.

Original: Translation: M. Potter

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