White wine destroys tooth enamel


Fans of white wine can cause enormous damage to the health of their own teeth, say dentists Europe.

However, the devastating impact of white wine on tooth enamel, as noted by doctors, yet can be prevented.

The ability to spoil the enamel is still attributed only to red wine. But acids in white wine, destroy teeth are much more active than similar substances that make up the red wine, according to the study. A number of experiments in which healthy human teeth were exposed to white wine, showed that daily enamel layer was reduced by 60 microns. The fact that some components of white wine aggressive wash of calcium and phosphorus enamel.

It should be noted that neither the type of wine or a year of its release did not reduce the negative impact of the drink on the teeth.

However, the researchers note, the use of white wine with cheese, can protect the teeth, keeping the enamel. In particular, useful cheeses "noble" varieties which contain a high concentration of calcium. But strawberries or fruit juice drink with white wine is not recommended - they exacerbate the destructive action of the acid.

Brushing your teeth dentists recommend only 30 minutes after having been drunk the last drop of wine, so as not to erase the damaged enamel drink. You must wait until the saliva will wash tartaric acids.

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