Herpes can cause dementia


The causes of memory impairment continue to be one of the main topics of research. Recently, experts from Columbia University have found that mental decline is preceded by a sedentary lifestyle and the presence of an infectious disease accompanied by the appearance of sores on the lips - Herpes virus.

The researchers tested the mental capacity and memory status in 1625 the people of New York. The average age of participants was 69 years. The study also provided an analysis to identify the elderly five common infections such as oral and genital herpes, respiratory form of chlamydia, cytomegalovirus, and the bacterium Helicobacter pylori.

As a result, the scientists found that in humans, the body of which was marked by the highest level of infection, 25% were more frequent poor results in the test for verification of brain activity. Experts conducted repeated testing every year for eight years and came to the conclusion that the infection was influenced by memory and cognitive abilities after many years of time.

"The link between infection and mental ability was traced in particular among women with low levels of education, without health insurance, as well as those who have never trained memory and the brain" - the words of Catan World’s study from the Medical Center at Columbia University in New York York edition of Daily Mail. Exercise and made childhood vaccinations against viruses, she said, will help to avoid memory problems in adulthood.

While virtually all people with age lead to abnormalities in memory, scientists at King’s College London believe that physical activity significantly reduces the development of dementia in the elderly. During the 40-year study, it was found that physical activity - exercise, jogging or even a simple walking tour - improves brain function and minimizes the risk of developing dementia.

The experiment showed that people weekly to carry out simple exercise demonstrated the best results in getting tested memory, attention and ability to learn by age 50. Much worse results were those participants who put themselves at two - three times a month in heavy physical stress.

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