Difficulty conceiving can cause neurological problems in the unborn child


The more time spent with parents at birth, the greater the likelihood of their child had a moderate degree of neurological abnormalities. Explain the nature of the phenomenon, scientists still find it difficult.

Do couples who for one year or more have difficulty conceiving a child, in the event of a positive outcome of attempts often give birth to children with neurological problems. These are the details of Dutch scientists from the University of Groningen, the publication reports Daily Mail.

The study comprised 209 children under the age of two years. Experts, in particular, have tried to define a neurological condition toddlers, checking reflexes, posture, coordination, muscle tone and precision of movement. At the lights, all subjects appeared after long attempts conception parents that lasted for one and a half to 13 years.

As a result, it was found that the longer the maturity, the higher the risk of moderate neurological problems in children, the children of those couples who for the longest time could not have offspring have been exposed to such a state on 30% more often.

The mechanism for this relationship is not yet known to scientists, so they find it difficult to answer the question of how to avoid such problems. This requires a number of additional studies.

Earlier studies have shown that many attempts of conception often lead to the birth of children with low birth weight or birth prematurely.

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