From obesity pills will save the bacteria


Each year, catastrophic rates rising number of people suffering from obesity. And, unfortunately, at the moment the most effective way to solve this problem - a surgical procedure using a gastric bypass surgery.

The operation consists in the fact that the stomach is divided into two parts, large and small, with the lower section of the stomach to the intestine is directly connected. Human food is absorbed immediately falls into a small department, and then into the intestine. With the help of gastric bypass surgery in humans the sensation of hunger and a process of enhanced fat burning zone. However, this effect is not due to the change in volume of the stomach, and metabolic changes associated with this factor.

In this case, it turns out that if the weight loss is associated with metabolism, the gastro-intestinal bacterial flora should play a significant role. As you know, obesity is changing the composition of the intestinal microflora, just change the species composition of bacteria occurs after surgery.

Experts at Harvard University conducted a series of studies in rodents. The experiment was conducted obese mice shunting. This animal body weight decreased by 30% and not increased even if the mice fed a very calorie food. In the second part of the experiment microflora of emaciated animals were given to rodents with normal weight, which until then were kept in sterile conditions. The weight of the axenic mice was reduced by 5%, although this experiment attempts to "plant" microflora sterile animals caused an increase in body weight.

Although scientists have identified the dominant bacteria gastrointestinal microflora - intestinal tract after bypass surgery (it Proteobacteria), the mechanism of their effect on weight loss is unclear. Presumably, microorganisms how - that affect the metabolism through changes in hormonal background. And in the future uch1enye intend to develop a special "bacterial" diet pills.

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