Seafood prolong life


Older people, who prefer to feed fish and seafood to die from heart attacks and other serious illnesses by 30% less likely than other people of advanced age. Due to this choice, they live longer on average 2.2 years, scientists report in an article that appeared in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

"Besides, that regular consumption of fish considered part of a healthy diet, the relationship between the level of fish oils in the blood of older people and their deaths no one had ever tried to find. Results of our study confirmed the fact that the fatty acids to the health of the cardiovascular system is extremely important, and that this good in his old age a few more years of life, "- said Dr. Dariush Mozaffaryan (Dariush Mozaffarian) from Harvard University.

This conclusion Mozaffaryan and his colleagues came after analyzed the collected over the 16 years of observation data on the health of the heart and blood vessels three thousand older Americans aged 65 years or older. During the project, the volunteers were measured pressure, blood was taken for analysis. Besides the social and health services of some states recorded incidence of heart disease, and the cause of death.

Elderly people were divided arbitrarily into two groups - the "ordinary Americans" and "fish lovers" high levels of omega-3 fatty acids in the blood. The study authors compared the statistics of diseases and life expectancy, finding that participants in the first group were suffering from cardiovascular disease by 30% less. Also they were less marked strokes, heart attacks and coronary insufficiency.

These facts may affect the longevity of U.S. citizens older - compared to "ordinary Americans" such men lived an average of 2.2 years longer. To achieve a positive effect, according Mozaffaryana and his colleagues have marine fish not necessarily every day. Biologists say that a week is enough to eat two servings of fatty fish for marine organism necessary amount of fatty acids.

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