The first-born in the family are more prone to diabetes and hypertension


Researchers from New Zealand said that the first children in the family have a high propensity to develop diabetes and hypertension in adult life.

In addition, according to the scientists, for the first-born, and the only children in the family are characterized by higher natural inclinations: they grow up to become taller and slimmer than their younger brothers and sisters.

The study included the participation of about 85 children aged from 4 to 11 years. Experts have examined such data members as the biochemical composition of blood, height, weight, and also performed analyzes of lipid and hormonal profiles. As a result, scientists have identified 32 participants who were first-born parents, high blood pressure and insulin sensitivity.

The differences noted in the metabolism of older and younger children, as experts believe, are associated mainly with the processes occurring in the womb the child’s mother during pregnancy, when the number of vital substances on fetal development with each subsequent pregnancy increases.

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