The thought of eating to help get rid of excess weight


Scientists from the University of Liverpool have found that the thought of food, often haunting human being on a diet, do not prevent it, but rather, to help him lose weight. In this case, it all depends on man’s imagination: the colorful and appetizing he is able to imagine a dish that he often tried to diet, the less he will eat the food at dinner.

Researchers from the United Kingdom believe that a healthy diet to control mode by using the concentration of thinking about food, and not the methods of hard constraints. During the meal should not think only about the food, without being distracted by such things, such as reading the newspaper, talking on the phone or watching TV. Person in this case no longer monitors the amount of food eaten by them, which leads to overeating, and as a result, a set of extra pounds.

In this connection, the researchers advised to write complex names of the dish and store consumable products to use them again during the memories. You can also save the packaging of favorite foods, as even look at them consume less food. His new technique, scientists have called the strategy that will replace the rigid restrictions on caloric intake during dieting.

Meanwhile, the researchers note that tested their method so far only on people with a healthy body weight. This method of weight loss which has given good results. How much it will be effective in people with obesity, it is shown by further research, which will soon begin to be conducted by specialists.

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