Even a small weight gain threatens the health of the heart


Increase the risk of developing coronary heart disease can even minor fluctuations in weight. The increase in body mass index (BMI) of 23% already leads to aging of the heart for more than two years.

Even moderate weight gain at which the person is still in the normal range, a negative effect on heart health. These are the details of British scientists from the University of Oxford, the publication reports Daily Mail.

Experts have observed 1.2 million women for nearly 10 years. The study subjects they considered BMI, and fluctuations in their body weight. As a result, experts were able to calculate that an increase of 5 points of body mass index of 23% increases the likelihood of developing coronary heart disease, in other words, the heart of two years becomes older.

This means that in practice each study participant eleventh BMI 21 points face in the 55-74 years of age with cardiac disease or die by them despite the fact that an index indicating a normal weight. The growth index increases this figure: for example, among women with a BMI of 34 points (which is considered obese first degree), one in six encounters with cardiac problems. Thus, doctors warn that even moderate weight fluctuations are fraught with cardiac problems.

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