Balding men are more prone to heart disease


In men with severe symptoms of alopecia, increased by one-third the risk of coronary heart disease. On women, it does not apply. This statement was made by Japanese scientists, said the publication The Telegraph.

According to experts, at risk include, in particular, men with bald head formed on the top of the head, while the lack of hair on the temples are not so dangerous. Marked susceptibility to heart disease more common in men who have lost their hair at an early age, as well as those who suffer from extensive hair loss.

Scientists still not clear what caused the relationship between hair loss and a serious medical condition, but they believe that hair loss can be a sign of latent disease (insulin resistance, chronic inflammation or hypersensitivity to testosterone) that causes heart ailments.

The researchers analyzed the results of six earlier studies on the connection between hair loss and certain heart conditions (experiments included the participation of 37 experts thousand men). Observations of the men, members of the three studies conducted over 11 years found that those who lacked most of the hair were more likely to develop heart disease by 32%, and at age 60 - by 44%.

Other studies in which experts compared the health of bald men with those who have a similar problem does not come across, have shown that the risk of losing hair men get heart disease as much as 70%, while the young men - by 84%. Experts said in light of the information that a strong pattern baldness in the crown of the risk of developing heart disease increased by 48%, moderate - 36%, and lung - is 18%.

"New scientific information is very interesting, but the men suffering from hair loss, do not have to worry much. Additional studies to confirm the connection between hair loss and heart disease," - said Dorian Maddock of the British Heart Foundation.

A study by researchers published in the journal British Medical Journal.

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