Unusual cataracts appeared in the eye after hitting the Austrian


The punch was the cause of cataract from a resident of Austria in the form of stars.

55-year-old Austrian went to the doctor complaining of worsening vision over the past six months. During the inspection it was found out that nine months ago, a man was hit with his fist, according to the information’s care.

"Cataract unprecedented forms of men formed in the eye after the blow of some time ago," - said Dr. Mark Former (Mark Fromer), an ophthalmologist from Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City and eye surgeon hockey team New York Rangers after being considered a snapshot .

The development of cataracts often happens after the attacks, said Former. Eye injury is fairly common in sports such as hockey, soccer, tennis, boxing and others.

When you hit the eyeball damaged lens that is opaque in some areas, explained ophthalmologist. In most cases, cataract appearance resembles a cloud white or yellowish.

Austrian residents were ordered to treatment with the appointment of phacoemulsification procedure, which involves the use of an ultrasound probe to dissolve the troubled region of the lens and removing her vacuum. The lens is then replaced with an artificial. This microsurgical method of getting rid of cataracts is quite common in the world. In the U.S., for example, is held annually two million such procedures.

Meanwhile, Former stressed that the eye injury - it’s one of the reasons that doctors strongly recommend that athletes wear protective attributes: helmets, goggles, etc.

Medical case was described in the journal New England Journal of Medicine.

Original: Livescience.com Translation: M. Potter

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