Affects the quality of sex life


It has long been known fact that the pleasure that a person receives during sex to have a positive effect on his mental and physical health. Recently, researchers from one research centers in the UK have discovered another plus high-quality sex. Regular achieve orgasm, as it turns out, increases life expectancy. But the people who are making love does not bring pleasure, live on less.

This phenomenon is explained by the fact that orgasm has good effects on various organs and systems of the human body. The increase in sexual activity, for example, the risk of developing breast cancer, which is associated with the hormone oxytocin surge which occurs during arousal and orgasm. Also, scientists have proven that frequent orgasms reduce the likelihood of heart attacks and increases to a certain extent the activity of the brain. In other words, the brain is saturated with oxygen, and it provides a sharp mind, preventing the development of various mental illnesses.

Furthermore, orgasm may act like natural analgesic facilitating strong migraine, premenstrual pain and other pain. No coincidence that many doctors in the event of a headache strongly advise patients not to neglect the love joys, but on the contrary they often indulge.

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