The cause of the negative impact of red meat on the heart


The discovery by scientists in red meat chemical helped them explain the fact why people who eat a lot of steaks, minced meat and bacon, more frequently than others to suffer from heart irregularities.

In a study published in the journal Nature Medicine, it was found that contained in red meat carnitine was struck by bacteria in the gut.

This process triggers a chain of events leading to an increase in blood cholesterol levels and, consequently, an increased risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

It may, in particular, pose a risk to people who take carnitine, nutritionists warn.

The UK government recommends a daily use no more than 70 grams of red or processed meat, the equivalent of two slices of bacon.

Meat, saturated fats, and past a particular type of treatment, undermines the health of the heart, according to experts.

"It should be noted that if a person is not a vegetarian, and actively uses red meat, then with each serving, he eats a certain amount of L-carnitine, lecithin, choline, betaine, or other additives contained in the product," - said dietician Catherine Collins ,

"In lean red meat cholesterol and saturated fats are not as high, but there is something else that contributes to the likelihood of problems with the cardiovascular system," - said Dr. Stanley Hazen, a leading researcher in his interview with the BBC.

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