Migraine reduces the risk of breast cancer


Migraine is a genetic disease, which currently suffers from one in four women. Finally get rid of this disease is impossible. However, for those who are often plagued by migraines, there is good news. Researchers found that after this painful disease, hidden benefit to the organism.

The fairer sex by nature more sensitive to a variety of pain, including headaches. The fact is that the woman in the brain of serotonin - the "happiness hormone", which is a natural analgesic, contains less.

Nevertheless, it appeared that ladies regularly suffer from severe headaches, better protected from cancer, particularly from breast cancer. Women are prone to migraines 30 percent less likely to develop breast cancer than healthy, according to the study, which was attended by over three thousand patients.

The researchers suggest that this is due to the levels of hormones, which change takes place under the influence of a severe headache. When there is a reduction of migraine secretion of estrogen and progesterone. A low level of estrogen, according to scientists, prevents the appearance of serious forms of breast cancer.

It should be noted that for more precise conclusions validation requires further investigation.

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