The German beer detected excess arsenic


Specialists at the Technical University of Munich recently reported that they found elevated levels of arsenic in several varieties of beer, which is made in Germany.

The monitoring conducted to determine heavy metals in beverages, the scientists were only analyzed 140 species of German beer. The World Health Organization (WHO) permits the presence of arsenic in the bubbly beverage in an amount no greater than 10 micrograms, but in some varieties of German beer As the level has been exceeded.

Scientists could not understand how an excess of arsenic can occur in beer, if used for its cooking water, the level of this chemical was significantly lower.

"We were taken aback by such a fact, so we decided to check for the presence of arsenic, all of the components used in the brewing of beer, including the principal - malt and hops," - said the study’s author Mehmet Koelhen.

Thus, the results of additional analyzes showed that the beer over part of arsenic misses called kieselguhr used for filtration. He actively removes particles from the beverage yeast and hops.

Meanwhile, the researchers point out that the level of arsenic was slightly exceeded in the beer, so consumers have no reason to fear for their health.

In the production of beer as mentioned scientists kieselguhr be replaced by other materials which do not release hazardous substance.

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