Egg protein is struggling with hypertension


Chinese researchers have found that egg protein lowers blood pressure, prepyatsvuya development of hypertension, no worse than some drugs.

The results of the scientific work of Dr. Zhipeng Yu Jilin University presented at the 245th meeting of the American Chemical Society.

"We managed to get in a laboratory evidence that a specific peptide, which is part of egg protein and is a building material, is able to lower blood pressure almost as much as taking captopril - drugs for high pressure," - said the scientist.

The study included the study of the action of peptide professionals named RVPSL, heated to a temperature in the laboratory of 93 degrees Celsius, which is slightly lower than the temperature required for cooking eggs.

Although experiments have shown that the protein retains its useful properties even when heated. Peptides egg white, as they note, in the eggs themselves or as a separate supplement to the food, it can be a useful and effective supplement to traditional kinds of treatment for hypertension.

In earlier studies, scientists have identified the therapeutic effect of hugs. According to the study, 10 second hug can lower blood pressure in people who suffer from hypertension, while reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, as well as relieve stress and prevent the development of depression.

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