Rosemary has a positive effect on memory


The strong scent of rosemary essential oil helps to improve memory. Scientists from the UK claim that it helps to recall long-forgotten events, and keep in mind the problems that are only to be carried out (eg, pills, timely dispatch of congratulation cards), reports the publication The Telegraph.

Experts believe that this effect is associated with the mood of the volunteers was that the evidence of the chemical effects of oil on them, which greatly increases the chances of memory. The results of the study, according to scientists, will help to improve to some extent the quality of life of people suffering from memory loss caused by age-related changes.

Fragrant rosemary was associated with improved memory since ancient times and was used during wedding and funeral rites performed by the ancient Egyptians. Previous studies have already shown that the compound contained in rosemary are beneficial to the long-term memory and mental activity by inhibiting the enzymes that interfere with the normal functioning of the brain.

"Building on the results of earlier studies, we focused this study on the human ability to remember about performing specific tasks at the right time and remember the events that will occur in the future. In everyday life, it’s a necessity," - says Dr. Mark Moss, author of the study.

The experiment involved 66 people, who were divided into 2 groups, inviting in different rooms. One of the rooms was filled with rosemary. Then the volunteers were asked to perform a few tests to check your memory. Researchers hidden objects and asked to volunteer some time later to find them, or offered to participants at a specified time to pass this or that subject.

The results showed that those who inhaled the scent of rosemary, a task handled much better. These people had also occurred in high blood levels of 1,8-cineole (the compound which is rosemary oil). This compound has previously been shown scientists affects the chemical system in the body that affect memory.

The researchers presented their work at the annual conference of the British Psychological Society in Harrogate (UK).

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