The heart, lungs and blood person able to sense odors


Nose as recently scientists have found, is not the only body feeling enticing aromas of coffee, chocolate and freshly baked bread. This "ability" to have more and internal organs such as the heart, lungs, blood.

Experts from the German Research Center for Food Chemistry, Leibniz Institute have identified in the course of the experiment, blood samples of primary blood cells to see how they will react to the coming of the food and beverage odors. Scientists have been surprised to find that the red blood cells as we extend toward the source of flavor.

A series of experiments conducted by a team of researchers, has helped them to confirm the initial assumption of the presence of olfactory receptors in the heart and lungs, which also allows them to feel the flavors.

Man’s nose, as it turned out, are able to feel just a fraction of surrounding odors. "Most of the odor molecules, falling into the stomach, enters through the blood to the internal organs," - said study author Peter Shiberle.

Scientists note that in coffee, for example, contains about a thousand odor components of which are receptors in the nose can only feel 25. It turns out that people can fully enjoy this drink only after its use when it is inside the body.

The researchers presented their report at the National Meeting of the American community of chemists in New Orleans.

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