Green coffee beans protect against diabetes


U.S. chemists green coffee beans have discovered some compounds from the class of chlorogenic acids are able to reduce to a certain degree of glucose and other sugars in the blood of people with diabetes. New data were presented at the annual meeting of the American Chemical community in New Orleans.

"Long-cherished dream of all physicians is to create a pill that could simultaneously hold at acceptably low level, the proportion of sugar in the blood and help diabetics drop weight. Our study, along with the works of some other colleagues show that we still be able to fulfill this dream. We found that an extract of green coffee beans lowers the risk of developing type II diabetes, "- said Joe Vinson (Joe Vinson) from the University of Scranton (USA).

Vinson and colleagues came across a number of studies in which the authors have noticed that coffee drinkers were suffering from the effects of diabetes less than other people. Thus, in one of these papers was said that the risk for developing diabetes by 50% was reduced 2-3 cups of coffee a day. Scientists are interested in this fact and decided to study the chemical composition of coffee to uncover the secret of the beneficial influence of drink.

The glucose concentration in the blood proved to be decreased under the influence of chlorogenic acid, which are often found in fruits and vegetables. In the beverage of these acids is insignificant, since a large portion of the molecules in roasted coffee beans disintegrates. Vinson and his colleagues then suggested that an extract of green coffee beans on the body of diabetics will operate much stronger.

To test this hypothesis, the scientists have gathered a group of several volunteer diabetics to take daily pills with coffee extract. Theory of Chemical confirmed - the subjects lost weight after 22 weeks of the experiment on average by 10% and the level of glucose in their blood was reduced by 22-30%. This allows, according to the researchers, the hope is that the drugs that are based on the chlorogenic acid in the near future will be able to make life easier for diabetics all over the world.

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