Brain scans can measure the level of pain


Scientists are reporting a new study in which pain was "seen" on the scans of the brain, and for the first time measured the intensity of pain and the effectiveness of analgesic effects. Although this research is still in its early stages, it holds considerable promise in practical applications.

Scanning can be used in the future to determine the presence of pain in infants paralyzed people, or do dumb. Also possible the discovery of new, less addictive analgesics. They can also be used to test people who apply for disability benefits.

"A lot of people suffer from chronic pain, but they do not always believe. We hope that this method will prove or disprove the presence of pain in case of doubt," - said Tom Veydzher, a neuroscientist at the University of Colorado.

He led the study, published in the journal New England Journal of Medicine. At this point, scientists have learned to identify only the pain that is felt through the skin - such as burn your hands. In subsequent experiments, the researchers intend to learn how to identify the more common types of pain such as headaches, back and pain from disease.


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