French scientists have urged women to give up Bra


Many women are concerned about the issue: what you need to do to his chest for a long time remained firm and did not sag? Scientists from France are advised not to wear a bra. Paradoxically, the ladies who ignore this piece wardrobe, are the owners of more toned bust.

According to the publication The Local, the researchers concluded that the value of the bra is overrated, it does not do any good breast health and prevent its sagging. So, for example, scientists have refuted the conventional wisdom that it serves as a support to owners of the big bust, helping to reduce the load on the spine.

Professor Jean-Denis Ruyon from the University of Besancon researched for over 15 years, the problems associated with a woman’s breasts. "As a medical and from a physiological and anatomical point of view, the breast of the fact that with a bra on her influence to a lesser extent the force of gravity does not receive any benefit. Contrast, the breast because it becomes more slack."

Researcher almost compass and tape measure for several years participating in the experiment measured the chest, which was conducted at the University Hospital of Besancon. The study included 130 women aged 18 to 35 years.

One of the participants, which for the last two years, was not wearing a bra at all, admitted in a number of benefits that she felt after being abandoned this wardrobe units. "I began to breathe more freely, to feel more confident and less likely to feel pain in the back" - said the 28-letnyayafrantsuzhenka.

Meanwhile, the author of the study warns that the failure of the bra, not all can help, so do not immediately throw away this piece wardrobe. According to the professor, this method is unlikely to help women give birth to children and women over the age of 45 years.

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