Coffee reduces breast size


Women - kofemankam that without coffee can not live a day, you should prepare for the fact that over time their breasts will be less. Of course, on the size of the bust one cup of flavored drink will not be affected. But those who drink coffee several times a day, one would have to buy their own new clothes a size too small.

Scientists from the University of Lund (Sweden) reported the results of a very unusual study, which was attended by nearly 300 women. The subjects drank coffee daily, and researchers at this time carefully measured their chest. Thus revealed a pattern: the more the fair sex drink coffee, the smaller the size of their bust. The researchers point out that first of all, this applies to women who daily drank three or more cups of beverage.

Opening of Swedish experts have been published in the pages of the British trade magazine, which focuses mainly on the problems of cancer. Women who daily drank more than three cups of coffee, according to the observations of researchers, on average breast volume lost 17 percent. Most of all, this effect of coffee disrupted while participating on a bust of impressive dimensions.

Scientists emphasize that in their case the drink can have a positive impact on health, reducing the likelihood of developing breast cancer. Women with large breasts and tight, as you know, the risk of this disease is particularly high. In addition, studies of coffee can not conclude that he is able to regulate the female body levels of male hormones, which also affects the risk of developing breast cancer.

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