Gold ornaments cause a person to depression


It has long been known that gold is not an ordinary metal, so the scientists do not cease to study and analyze its properties. In the course of the next study, experts found that gold jewelry have a stimulating effect. In this case, for people with an active nervous system, the precious metal has a negative effect.

The researchers attributed this to the fact that gold starts the process of excitation in the body, which in turn leads to different problems in the nervous system and slow down the metabolism of the human body. A similar factors, in turn, can lead to depression.

New findings led scientists to believe that wearing gold jewelry to some persons is contraindicated. For example, emotional people gold is better not to wear. Experts also recommend not to wear gold jewelry for those who suffer from epilepsy, as the metal can trigger their bouts of illness.

On the recurrence of the disease, in particular, affect shine and shimmer of gold jewelry. Of gold jewelry is to give residents and cities, as the risk of stress or depression in the big cities are already too large, and it is a precious metal may make the situation worse. In this regard, scientists are advised to stop the choice on the best jewelry made of silver, which, in their opinion, is more favorable metal.

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