Chips are addictive, like drug


German experts have found that potato chips are addictive, which is similar to the drug.

German scientists have been able to explain what exactly caused by addiction to this snack. The researchers conducted this experiment on laboratory mice. The main group of rodents fed regularly crispy chips, while the second - a normal diet similar caloric content.

After conducted by MRI analysis of brain activity of rodents. It was found that in mice eating crisps activate certain parts of the brain responsible for pleasure as well as the development of addiction, including drug.

In this mouse, used the chips were from the beginning in a state of euphoria, and then became lethargic and sluggish.

The second group of rats are eaten regular food, not observed data displays. The study’s authors hope to use the results of successful experience to "turn off" the brain is uncontrolled consumption of junk food.

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