Beet juice helps beat high blood pressure


British researchers found that one glass of beetroot juice a day can help to cope with hypertension. The work of scientists was published in the journal Hypertension.

However, experts warn that this is still preliminary findings, and the obligatory presence of beet juice in the diet does not guarantee one hundred percent health benefits.

In the beet juice contains about 0.2 grams of dietary nitrate. For comparison, the same amount of nitrate is two beets or a bundle of lettuce. In humans, these compounds are converted into a chemical - nitrite and then gets into blood, converted into nitric oxide - a gas which dilating blood vessels, and improves blood flow.

"We were extremely surprised by the ability of small nitrate to give such a great result. But whether this effect persists over the long term, it is not clear "- says Ahluoliya Amrita (Amrita Ahluwalia), author of the study, professor of vascular pharmacology at the London School of Medicine (London Medical School).

According to a press release from the American Heart Association, the study provided for the participation of eight women and seven men with a systolic pressure of 140-159 mm Hg. The participants drank 250 ml daily beet juice or water, without incurring any medications to reduce the pressure.

Compared with a group of volunteers who received a placebo, the respondents who used beet juice has fallen by an average of 10 points both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. It continued to remain so even after the level of nitrite in the blood, as recorded before the use of the juice was the same. The most pronounced effect was observed after 3-6 and even 24 hours.

Meanwhile, researchers are reminded that vegetables and fruits should form the bulk of the diet. Ingestion of large amounts of green leafy vegetables or beets can be the key to good cardiovascular health.

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