The teenager grew by 12.7 cm in one night


After surgery to straighten the spine 14-year-old Englishman has grown in just one night at 12.7 centimeters. Now, having died of severe scoliosis, a boy can feel like a complete human being.

Harvey Legg for many years suffered from curvature of the spine - scoliosis. Resistant lateral deviation angle of 90 degrees. In this case, the offense was so heavy that threatened the life of a boy, as it could severely damage internal organs. The teenager was urgently admitted to Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

Experts told parents of Harvey, the only treatment for this form of scoliosis is surgery. During the operation, doctors were able to change the angle of curvature of the spine boys from 90 to 20 degrees, allowing the young patient for just one night to grow by as much as 12.7 centimeters. This successful outcome was a huge psychological factor for Harvey, because now it looks like a normal teenager.

"Just seeing the x-rays of the spine of my son before and after the operation, you can understand what a miracle wrought doctor - enthusiastically said Harvey’s mother. - Now he’s as tall as me, and it’s just a night. Having learned that my son had severe scoliosis and that it is necessary to operate, I experienced a real shock. Surgeons But I was told that there is no other way out. spine squeezed all the internal organs Harvey. He could not walk for long distances due to the fact that he was so twisted. "

Meanwhile, the doctors told the boy’s parents in advance about the complexity of operations, and the possibility of occurrence of various complications, including paralysis. The procedure in which surgeons have installed on both sides of the spine titanium rods, lasted for about eight hours. During the operation, a young man lost so much blood that doctors even predicted the death of the brain. But all ended well, and Harvey for a relatively short period of his feet.

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