Scientists: alcohol in moderation is not contraindicated in pregnancy


Drinking alcohol in small amounts during pregnancy has a negative impact on the physical and mental development of the child, reports the journal BJOG.

British scientists have analyzed the behavior of 10,500 seven-year children whose mothers during pregnancy or slightly drank or did not drink at all.

So, between the two groups was found little difference in the direction of supporting the principles of the UK Government.

These principles are known, based on calls to abstain from alcohol during pregnancy, and if they drink, and light alcohol in an amount of not more than two units.

Study co-author Professor Yvonne Kelly said in the International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (BJOG): "We all know that drinking during pregnancy is harmful to the fetus, however, and it is unlikely that the use of alcohol in small doses would be detrimental to the development of the baby."

"In our research, we studied the development of children only for the first seven years of their lives, so we need additional observations to install manifest any side effects after consuming small amounts of alcohol during pregnancy later", - concluded the scientist.

Under the low level of alcohol consumption is meant not more than two units of alcohol per week.

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