Meditation allows the brain to control body temperature


Researchers have reported that the brain is capable meditating control body temperature. This discovery will introduce methods of enhancing the immunity to fight against infectious diseases.

A team of researchers led by Maria Kozhevnikova from the National University of Singapore, has studied Tibetan monks who practice a form of meditation known as tummo.

According to practitioners tummo this meditation allows you to control the "internal energy." Tibetans call tummo one of the most sacred spiritual practices, and the monasteries, which is practiced tummo very rare, mostly in remote areas of eastern Tibet.

Scientists have observed the unique ceremony in Tibet, during which meditation monks raised their body temperature and heat dried his wet sheets, in which were wrapped. This occurred in the Himalayan cold, at a temperature of minus 25 degrees Celsius.

Although the practice of meditation tummo have often been studied before, previous studies have shown an increase in only the peripheral body temperature (fingers and toes). Now scientists have documented significantly increase the internal temperature during meditation.

The team reports to raise core body temperature to 38.3 degrees Celsius.

Kozhevnikov explained: "Members, I have learned the art of meditation, could raise body temperature, and felt a surge of energy and concentration. This breathing technique can improve the health and cognitive abilities."


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