British surgeon uses as anesthesia favorite films of patients


Many patients expect with horror the day of surgery or some other procedure. But for patients, Richard Griffiths, an anesthesiologist from the British city of Peterborough, now that problem is solved. The doctor came up with a method that helps to overcome the fears that beset patients before surgery.

Throughout his practice, Richard Griffiths, often had to deal with a number of side effects after the use of general anesthesia. Most of the patients, particularly the elderly, complaining of nausea, headaches, fatigue, and tremors.

Medic, watching elderly patients noticed that they love to spend time watching different movies and TV shows. This observation, he decided to apply in their work, noting in their patients, view what programs and movies makes them forget for a while about everything. The most favorite movies, as it turned out, were "The Sound of Music" and "Blue Planet." But top of the list took the film "Dirty Dancing," in which the main role was played by Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey.

After analyzing the data, the doctor gradually began to offer their patients are two methods of anesthesia: general anesthesia or the use of local anesthesia when watching your favorite movie. A second preferred embodiment of many elderly patients. In fact, the doctor was able to realize his plan, since his patients relaxed during the operation, without even noticing it as it passes. It should be noted that after the operation the patients who chose the second method of anesthesia, feel normal, not feeling the above mentioned side effects.

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