Immunity of the person depends on his nationality


Nationally race affects largely on the immune response to the vaccine or medicine - are the conclusions of scientists from several universities who have studied the conditions for the formation of antibodies to a particular disease. So, another step was taken to ethnically oriented medicine, which provides country-specific DNA.

Although all modern vaccines and medicines are for the treatment of absolutely all the people who inhabit our planet, the body’s response is almost always an individual, depending on what genes are present in person or antibody which is able to create his DNA.

Carrying out the human genetic map sorting repetitive DNA, which consists mainly of a million nucleotides and produces immunoglobulin classes, the researchers found a direct link between the characteristics of the human immune system and its nationality.

Scientists have come to similar results after scanning the chromosome produced 425 people who are residents of Asia, Africa and Europe, in order to detect the presence or absence of specific DNA segments.

Experts point out that this is only the beginning of a new direction in the research of the national factor influencing the susceptibility to certain diseases, but it is now safe to say that the influence of the environment characteristic of living of a particular ethnic group, gradually initiate some changes DNA structure members in this environment. This fact must be taken into account in the projections of the spread of diseases and their treatment.

In other words, the rate of nationality along with the region of residence is important in the appointment of any therapy, involving the use of drugs.

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