White mushrooms help to lose weight


White mushrooms are a great alternative to red meat and contribute to weight loss. These are the results of clinical trials of new diets, held during the year by experts from the Johns Hopkins University. Scientists unveil its findings, according to EurekAlert!, April 22 in Boston in the conference, Experimental Biology 2013.

The trials took part in people suffering from obesity, the average age was 48.4 years. Of these, 88 percent were women. 73 percent of the volunteers during the year was eaten every day for about a great cup of white mushrooms instead of red meat, while others continued to adhere to their normal diet.

Thus, over the period of the test, all participants are in favor of fungi refused meat, lost weight more than three kilograms, accounting for 3.6 percent of the average of their original weight. They are, according to the observations of researchers, consumed significantly fewer calories and fat, compared with participants in the control group. In this case, they had decreased body mass index, waist circumference (about 6.5 inches) and the overall improvement in the proportions of the figure.

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