Top of the most dangerous spirits


Experts from the Medical School at Indiana University conducted a small study examining the phenomenon of addiction to alcohol person.

The study included 50 men attended various ages. The scientists tested the reaction of the body of volunteers to alcohol.

For this purpose, all participants were asked to taste alcoholic beverages certain type, whereupon experts watched hormone release and reaction of the organism.

In the end it turned out that on beer, for example, the human body reacts by releasing dopamine - the hormone of pleasure. In this regard, scientists have noted that the beer is perhaps the most insidious and dangerous of all other alcoholic beverages, as due to the hormone dopamine it is highly addictive.

Scientists are concerned that many people do not even consider beer an alcoholic beverage, so the so-called "beer drinking", which entails an even more dire consequences than ordinary spirits, has become a common phenomenon these days.

It should be noted that the list of the most dangerous alcoholic beverages other than beer got canned cocktails, which are also considered too strong alcohol, alcoholic mixes (here referred, as a rule, made with lots of ingredients, exotic cocktails), especially beating on the liver and kidneys, as well as, seemingly innocuous champagne and liqueurs.

In the "disgrace" of researchers such aristocratic drink like champagne, got in it because of the content of carbon dioxide, which contributes to the rapid absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream. A sweet liqueur crafty, according to experts, high sugar content, dealing with alcohol irreparable damage to the pancreas.

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