Depression can be contagious


U.S. researchers have found that the way people think, which gradually leads to the development of depression, can be transmitted to those who are in their environment, according to Journal of Clinical Psychology.

Gerald Heyfell and Jennifer Hames, the study authors from the University of Notre Dame (Indiana) watched the girls living in the dormitory of the University College, and found that the response to stress are prone to depression girls, forcing to see the world in shades of gray, extends to their neighbors the room. After six months, they also begin to show symptoms of depression.

Typically, depression develops in most cases, those who see the event as a result of external factors, which, because of their own inferiority, they are not able to change.

According to WHO, mental health is suffering every fourth or fifth person in the world, and by 2020 depression will be the first among morbidity.

Very often, as noted by psychologists, depression overcomes man in the spring. Deal with it, experts recommend physical exercise, due to the fact that, with the movement of the body secretes endorphins or "pleasure hormones". Also useful are the half-hour walk before going to bed and douche. During lunch on weekdays, when it’s clear and sunny, you need to be a little longer in the open air, and in the workplace is to be concerned about the lighting: the brighter it is, the better.

After a winter of the human body severely depleted and there is a decrease of immunity, so you need to remember about the vitamins, in particular, such as B, C and D.

It should also be noted that affect mood vitamin D, which make possible not only by means of sunlight, but the consumption of dairy products, liver, butter and fish. Spring diet should include foods that increase levels of the hormone "happiness hormone" serotonin - responsible for good mood. For these products include figs, persimmons, plums, bananas, figs, apples and chocolate.

As well as at other times of the year, in the spring it is important to respect the sleep and wakefulness, work and leisure. Sleep should last for at least 8 hours. Defective sleep not only affects the mental activity, the state of the organism and its performance, but also on the overall mental health.

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