Israeli doctors do not recommend frequent bathing


Israeli experts in the field of medicine, issued a statement that can harm human health too often taking baths and showers. This, according to physicians, significantly reduces the body’s natural immunity.

MD Rachel Lutsati sure that taking a shower or a bath more than twice a day using a variety of modern hygiene products, you can completely destroy the natural lubrication of the skin, which provides protection against all fungi, and microbes.

In addition, there is a serious breach of pH balance, which also has a negative impact on a person’s skin. The desire of a person to take water treatments daily dictated not so much care about the health of many fashion conscious. Too frequent use of shower gels, liquid soaps or other essences are extremely harmful to health.

Meanwhile, Dr. Lutsati advised not to get involved too frequent washing of a head, as the modern means damage the hair and remain on the skin for a long time without washing the first time. Statements by experts based on the results of several studies that have revealed adverse effects of various hygiene products, including shampoos, liquid soaps, etc. The doctor advises Lutsati shower or bath to take no more than two - three times a week, allowing you to keep the protective components.

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