Chile pepper is struggling with migraine


Chinese scientists have recently shown that chili peppers provide protection against cardiovascular disease. But this, as it turned out, not only of its healing properties. Experts of the University of California claim that it is also effective against migraine, according to the publication The Daily Mail.

According to scientists, there are striking similarities between the processes occurring in the brain during a migraine attack and the sudden reaction of the skin to inject oil chili. Experts are currently exploring the body’s response to chili, to develop in the future, an effective drug for migraine.

The research allowed scientists to determine that the information contained in pepper alkaloid capsaicin triggers the production of calcitonin gene-peptide in the body, which increases blood flow to the affected area of the brain. Studying the chemicals released by the body during a migraine attack, which occupies a leading biotech company. It is known that this substance is a nerve pain signals. Experts hope by blocking nerve receptors from receiving "messages" to develop drugs that prevent the attack.

The drug, produced on the basis of chili has been tested by the pharmaceutical company Amgen on humans. Preparation blocked calcitonin gene peptide. The most common medications for migraine are triptans today, narrowing the blood vessels in the head, relieve pain and prevent the release of calcitonin gene-peptide.

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