6 foods that can impair the quality of sex


U.S. researchers have compiled a list of foods that significantly reduce the quality of sex, and from which it is better to abstain before going in amorous pleasures, according to foreign media.

So, the first place in the list are hot dogs, as contained in this modern snack saturated fats have a negative impact on the normal sexual relations between partners.

In second place is fragrant mint, reduces significantly the level of testosterone in the male body.

Third place belongs to the gin and tonic, which also has a negative effect on testosterone levels, reducing sperm count.

Next on the list is the saturated sodium canned foods. Their use leads to gas formation in the intestine which reduces sexual activity, both men and women.

Alcoholic beverages in large quantities significantly reduce the sensitivity of the touch and greatly weaken orgasm.

Fruits close the six products that do not have sex before. Consumption of fruits immediately after meals, it seems romantic form of sexual games, but in fact, they inhibit the digestion process, initiating bloating and other bowel problems.

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