Modern antibiotics increase the resistance of microbes


German and British researchers after conducting several studies have established that the stronger the properties of modern antibiotics, the better is the adaptation of microbes in the human body. When taken for a long time of strong antibiotics, the body stops producing the protective functions, and many types of microbes become practically invincible. The researchers believe that all bacteria have a special mechanism that helps them adapt to the period of administration of the antibiotic.

Scientists from institutes in Kiel and Exeter found that the uncontrolled use of antibiotics reduces the susceptibility of microbes that subsequently threatened mass attack of harmful microorganisms. Research of this kind carried out repeatedly, but only now experts have found such a dangerous pattern - the powerful types of antibiotics are more harmful to the body.

The authors of the new study, a very strong antibiotic used, with which they had to reduce the spread of the bacteria Escherichia coli. Nevertheless, not all killed bacteria: surviving microorganisms quickly adapted to the antibiotic while actively resist its action. We started to develop microbial defense mechanism.

It is noteworthy that the increase in resistance was observed not only to take antibiotics, but also to other antimicrobial drugs. Furthermore, it was found that the protective mechanisms of surviving microbes raised receiving antimicrobials several species.

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