Early pregnancy reduces the risk of breast cancer


Swiss researchers found that the risk of breast cancer in women is twice reduces the birth of a child under the age of 20 years. This is due to the specialized function of the genes present in a woman’s body during pregnancy, which protect the breast tissue from the deadly disease.

In laboratory experiments conducted on rodents revealed that the interaction of genes, such as Wnt and Notch, located in the tissues of breast cancer in the offspring of rats giving varies significantly compared with mice without the offspring of the same age.

These two genes are opposing components of the system which regulates the cell metabolism in humans. Using microarrays, researchers found a significant decrease after the first pregnancy of a gene associated mainly with feminization, while the second gene proteins have become, on the contrary, more activity.

It turns out that having a baby a woman under the age of 20 years reduces by half the risk of developing breast cancer.

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