WHO is concerned about the new avian flu virus H7N9


The World Health Organization has expressed its concern over the fact that H7N9 - a new type of bird flu, which is rampant in China, may threaten the health of people around the world.

This strain of influenza is characterized by very high mortality in the case of human infection. Since we already know about the many cases of infection, the virus may well lead to a worldwide pandemic.

In China, 125 people became ill with influenza H7N9, and 24 of them died as a result of the disease.

According to information professionals, influenza is transmitted from birds to humans, and in the case of a mutation, it may be transmitted from person to person. Then a pandemic is inevitable.

It should be noted that the disease is hard enough, the immunity of people virtually powerless against this type of virus, and therefore the WHO experts advise not to take lightly to such a threat.

Experts claim that the dangerous virus can destroy by means of heat treatment. They urge people to refrain from panic to avoid contact with live birds, attentive to the cooking of poultry meat products.

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