Scientists have discovered a region of the brain responsible for the aging process


Throughout its existence, mankind has sought to find the secret of eternal youth. The new discovery scientists can bring us a step closer to unraveling the secret of it.

This study showed that only one region of the brain can control the aging process. Hypothalamus - a part of the brain that controls hunger, body temperature and fatigue, it may be "fountain of youth", the controlling body of fading over time.

Professor Dongsheng Cai said: "Scientists have long been looking for an answer to the question of whether there is no aging in the body tissues or centrally controlled by one of the organs of the body. From our research it became clear that many aspects of aging are controlled by the hypothalamus. Good news is that at least in mice, can be changed and sent to the hypothalamus signals slow the aging process, extending youth ".

The hypothalamus, hidden deep within the brain, plays a fundamental role in the growth, development, reproduction and metabolism.

Activating cellular pathways for protein complex in the hypothalamus of mice, was able to significantly speed up the aging process and shorten life expectancy. By blocking this pathway could prolong life by 20 percent.


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