American scientists have found in lipstick toxic doses of metals


U.S. scientists believe that more than 30 different kinds of lipstick manufacturers of heavy metals is much higher than normal. To such conclusion experts have come after found in samples of cosmetics aluminum, cadmium, chromium and lead.

Researchers, University of California emphasized that the application of lipstick two or three times daily, may increase the risk of gastric cancer development due to the fact that human skin absorbs too much chromium.

Consumers of cosmetics, which are particularly fond of lipstick, according to scientists, can experience the unpleasant consequences of slow poisoning, and several other metals.

So, in conclusion of his report, the researchers suggested to avoid frequent use of lipstick.

Mention of the metals in the standards of quality for a variety of cosmetic products in the United States is not, however, in the implementation of the EU lipstick containing the above substances are strictly prohibited by law.

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