Top 5 myths about fitness


There are widespread beliefs about sports, which are in fact nothing more than a myth. Many believe, for example, that the fat on the stomach to help get rid exercises developing the abdominal muscles. However, these exercises can strengthen muscles and are not a guarantee of complete redemption of the fat. Wanting to minimize the fat on your stomach, you need to focus on the intense cardio, combined with weightlifting regimen and proper nutrition.

Myth number 2. To bypass the growth of muscle mass, women should engage with small weights. In fact, in the majority of women body insufficiently present hormone testosterone to become their shape as Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Myth number three. Sweat evidence of diligent training. In reality, this is not any indication of the intensity and efficiency, and only distinguishing feature of each person.

Myth number 4. The result can not be without pain. In fact, the pain can talk about injuries, while severe muscle pain, anxious for 1-2 days after your workout is probably a sign of injury or too much stress on your muscles.

Myth number 5. Rapid fat loss can be achieved with low-intensity cardio. In fact, the number of calories burned depends on the intensity of your workout: the harder it is, the more calories burned.

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