Down with gray hair: Scientists have found a way to reverse the process of graying back


The familiar attribute of old age - gray hair, may soon be only a memory. European scientists have found a way to regain the natural color of the hair, without the need for application of paint or a trip to the hairdresser.

In a report published in the Journal of The FASEB, researchers reported that gray hair is formed due to oxidative stress, which occurs during the accumulation of hydrogen peroxide in the hair roots, which leads to discoloration inside.

As researchers found, a lot of the accumulated hydrogen peroxide can be eliminated by the local action of solar ultraviolet light, which activates pseudocatalase called PC-KUS.

Moreover, it is also effective in treating means vitiligo skin disease that is characterized by depigmentation of the skin.

"For many generations, have tried a variety of ways to hide gray hair," - said Dr. Gerald Ueysmann, editor in chief of The FASEB. "For the first time developed a treatment by acting directly on the root of the problem. Moreover, it is effective for the treatment of vitiligo. This disease, although it is, in fact, beauty has serious socio-emotional consequences for patients. Effective treatment for this disease, may radically improve the quality of life of many people. "

In the experiment, a group of 2,411 patients with vitiligo were treated pseudocatalase are activated by sunlight. Pigment of the skin and eyelashes was restored.


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