Vitamin D can be hazardous to health


The specialists at Johns Hopkins University found that vitamin D in large quantities, not only useful, but also can harm your health. Today, more and more information began to appear that the low level of vitamin D increases the risk of certain diseases. In this regard, the cases of uncontrolled consumption of supplements containing the vitamin in human beings. But scientists warn that taking vitamin on a daily basis - it’s at best a waste of time.

Analyzing data over 10,000 volunteers came research group, as a result, found that if vitamin D is found in abundance in the blood, it can lead to hardening of the arteries and, consequently, the development of hypertension. Nevertheless, scientists have warned that the vitamin D supplements for certain groups of people, however, are useful. This category includes, inter alia, the elderly and postmenopausal women. But even they recommended to take supplements only under strict medical supervision.

Before you start taking vitamin supplements, you need to conduct a full examination that will accurately determine blood levels of vitamin D. Protection against cardiovascular disease and increase life expectancy of vitamin D does not guarantee even the most healthy person. Doctors still find it difficult to establish due to the levels in healthy humans levels of vitamin D. Therefore we should not, perhaps, to risk, abusing vitamin supplements.

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