The human psyche is not affected by the moon


A group of Canadian researchers in the field of psychiatry at the University of Laval, led by Professor Genevieve Belevil, tried to figure out the connection between lunar phases and the number of patients diagnosed mental disorder.

Looking through the course of their investigations of the behavior of people with symptoms of mental disorders, the researchers wanted to find out whether the increased risk of mental disorders in people under the full moon.

As a result, psychiatrists have found that, despite the widespread belief among doctors, exacerbation of mental illness, increased levels of anxiety and panic attacks during the new moon, totally indistinguishable from exacerbations observed in patients during other phases of the moon.

Meanwhile, Canadian researchers said they stay under the moon in the last quarter, the degree of disorder of the human psyche was decreased by 32%.

"It is probably a coincidence. However, I can confidently say that the full moon on the human mind has absolutely no influence, "- said in the conclusion of Professor Belevil, leader of the study.

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